Monday, December 8, 2014


Sometimes, for editing and QC reading and mastering files, I leave my little box of a studio.  This allows me to get some sunshine and oxygen and to socialize with my family and our cats.

Some parts of the mastering process involve a *lot* of waiting for the computer to do its thing.  One could stare at the computer and get very, very bored; or one could wander off and take care of household chores and risk losing track of where one is in a particular file's progress; or one can sit right there and knit a soon-to-be-due Christmas gift.

Shown are my laptop, my headphones, my water bottle, and my project checklist, along with my knitting project, and Chuck.  Not shown are my audio interface (it's there, just behind the monitor), the audiobook I'm listening to, and the bread rising in the oven. 
Some experts say that multi-tasking doesn't work -- but when  waaaaaaaiting for something else (like the bread or the computer) to do a thing, we can do another thing. 

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