Monday, December 8, 2014


Sometimes, for editing and QC reading and mastering files, I leave my little box of a studio.  This allows me to get some sunshine and oxygen and to socialize with my family and our cats.

Some parts of the mastering process involve a *lot* of waiting for the computer to do its thing.  One could stare at the computer and get very, very bored; or one could wander off and take care of household chores and risk losing track of where one is in a particular file's progress; or one can sit right there and knit a soon-to-be-due Christmas gift.

Shown are my laptop, my headphones, my water bottle, and my project checklist, along with my knitting project, and Chuck.  Not shown are my audio interface (it's there, just behind the monitor), the audiobook I'm listening to, and the bread rising in the oven. 
Some experts say that multi-tasking doesn't work -- but when  waaaaaaaiting for something else (like the bread or the computer) to do a thing, we can do another thing. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Benton: A Zombie Novel: Volume One

Ever wonder what, exactly, your Prepping neighbor was prepping for?  Do you think YOU are ready?

You have a stockpile of potable water, but how much can you carry with you if you have to escape your home?

You have a firearm at the ready, but, in the heat of the moment, would you be able to use it effectively?

You know there is a relative safety in numbers, but what if you trust the wrong people?

Meet author Jolie Du Pre's  resilient heroine, Jennifer Benton; we none of us know how strong we can be until we are truly tested.

Available from , Audible, and Amazon .

Monday, August 11, 2014


If it meant sparing those you care about most from unspeakable grief, as well as a better life for yourself, would you (could you) live the ultimate lie? 

Redefining success, coping with a grief that cannot be shared, discovering that relationships are not always what they seem, and untangling oneself when a lie of omission becomes a massive tangled web . . .  Amy Shiley can have no concept of how an in-the-moment decision will affect everyone and everything she touches from that day forward. 

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Beginning of Us

What would you do if your marriage were over?  What would you do if you awakened to find yourself in your 17-year-old body, in your old room in your parents' house?  And what would you do if you then found yourself in an unfamiliar high school, in class with the teen-aged boy that would become who had been your husband?

Would you think you were dreaming?  Would you be able to relish this second chance at a good relationship, or would you worry about what your "real-life" husband and daughter were doing, and how they were coping, while you were stuck in the past?

Author Brandy Jeffus Corona has written the very sweet (and occasionally steamy) story of Teegan and Jax.  While the book is told mostly from Teegan's point of view, we do occasionally get to see what's going on inside teen Jax's head.  Wait until you find out what his dreams are about; and the ending may surprise you, too.


The Beginning of Us is available from Amazon in paperback, Kindle, or audio form ($6.08),

from Audible  ($6.95, or free with 30-day trial membership),

and from .

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Car Thief's Daughter

This title is a departure for me, as events in the heroine's life get a bit grittier than what I usually read or narrate.

Just when you think you can't admire Cally more for so completely overcoming the hardships in her past, you are slammed with the knowledge of another thing she's endured, then another.

Romantically, I have to admit that I was rooting for Kenny, or that nice mailman; but Elva Elliot, the author, saw fit to introduce the handsome son of the richest man in town . . . who blames Cally for his brother's death.

Available in audio form from Audible.

The Car Thief's Daughter (What Shows) is also available in audio, Kindle or paperback from Amazon.

And as with most things auditory these days,  The Car Thief's Daughter: What Shows can be found on iTunes.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Chocolate on a Stick

Carole Bellacera has written an enjoyable, fun, FUN read in Chocolate on a Stick.  Sure, if you look really hard you can find some valuable life lessons, such as, maybe, "Live and Let Live," or "Senior Citizens have Dreams Too" (or in one character's case "your lifelong dream was just one means of reaching your true heart's desire, and this curveball in your life may present yet another way to get it" -- okay, super cryptic so as to avoid spoilers; you'll thank me later) . . .

BUT . . . did I mention that this story is fun?  These characters are, well, characters.  And they get themselves into such situations.  And they say such . . . things!  I'm smiling and having a good giggle just remembering.  I love this story so much.  I hope it puts some happy into your life, too.

Available in print, on Kindle, and on audio from Amazon.

Audio also available direct from Audible or .

One of the challenges of this audiobook was the multitude of character narrators -- first person narration from seven different points of view.  What fun that was!  (Have I mentioned that this story is fun?)  I think I somehow fit bits of all of them into this sample.  Enjoy!