Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Beginning of Us

What would you do if your marriage were over?  What would you do if you awakened to find yourself in your 17-year-old body, in your old room in your parents' house?  And what would you do if you then found yourself in an unfamiliar high school, in class with the teen-aged boy that would become who had been your husband?

Would you think you were dreaming?  Would you be able to relish this second chance at a good relationship, or would you worry about what your "real-life" husband and daughter were doing, and how they were coping, while you were stuck in the past?

Author Brandy Jeffus Corona has written the very sweet (and occasionally steamy) story of Teegan and Jax.  While the book is told mostly from Teegan's point of view, we do occasionally get to see what's going on inside teen Jax's head.  Wait until you find out what his dreams are about; and the ending may surprise you, too.


The Beginning of Us is available from Amazon in paperback, Kindle, or audio form ($6.08),

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