Monday, March 31, 2014

The Car Thief's Daughter

This title is a departure for me, as events in the heroine's life get a bit grittier than what I usually read or narrate.

Just when you think you can't admire Cally more for so completely overcoming the hardships in her past, you are slammed with the knowledge of another thing she's endured, then another.

Romantically, I have to admit that I was rooting for Kenny, or that nice mailman; but Elva Elliot, the author, saw fit to introduce the handsome son of the richest man in town . . . who blames Cally for his brother's death.

Available in audio form from Audible.

The Car Thief's Daughter (What Shows) is also available in audio, Kindle or paperback from Amazon.

And as with most things auditory these days,  The Car Thief's Daughter: What Shows can be found on iTunes.

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