Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mind's Ear is 20, so French Quarter is $20!

This is so fantastic!  French Quarter was a sort of beginning for me, the first project on which I was totally dependent on my voice.  It took a few years (and some incidental projects) for me to say "yes, definitively, this is what I want to do!", but this is where "me in front of a microphone" began.

I still think on this project with happiness.  Joel and Dana of Mind's Ear Audio were (and still are) delightful people, and lovely to work with.  My fellow actors were excellent and wonderful and extremely talented.  I am still *so* proud to have had a part in this radio drama.

Do you like magic, crime drama, vampires, and romance?  Then you absolutely need to take advantage of the special 2013 pricing for this series!  Available through Mind's Ear Audio Productions.

Here's a tasty clip with George the Vampire, voiced by Chris Mills.  Chris now helps people look as creepy-awesome as he sounds in this scene:  Instant Monsters

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